Sabatona Specifications

Track: Sabatona Super Speedway
Date Built: 1985 Copper Tape track
Date Refurbished: 2006 Steel rails track
Dimensions: 20.5L x 5W
Lanes: 6 Lane custom routed track
Surface: Tempered MDF 
Turns: 1 55 degree Bank turn, 1 20 degree bank turn, 2 progressive bank turns, 2 flat turns
Paint: Epoxy primer, 2 stage Urethan top coats (sprayed)
Rail: Bowman track rail and lock wire
Lane length: 71' per lane/lap
Timing Software: Sabatona now features "SlotTrak" software. Individual power to all lanes, no need to swap cars/positions (all cars will start on the start/finish line each heat).