1985: The Construction Begins!

The roadbeds are routed, and the flat table is completed. The roadbed is set in place to test for size and fit. Elevation and bank angle blocks are fitted in place. The roadbed is then attached.
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1985: Roadbed installation complete: Its starting to look like a track

With the roadbed installed, autobody filler is applied to all the recessed screw areas, as well as the track joints. Sanding begins, the surface needs to be perfectly smooth and "seamless".
Track is then primered and sanded, and is ready for paint.
2 part epoxy floor paint is choosen, and will be rolled on for a uniform finish.
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1985: Track is painted, tape braid installed: Lets go Racing!

With the track painted, the copper tape braid is installed. Next, the lanes will be colored via paint brush.
Track is wired, and Driver panels are installed, side fences and carpet to cover and seal outside of track are installed.
With 6 Tyco pan cars on the track, its FINALLY time to go Racing!
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1985: Its FINALLY Complete! Welcome to Cleveland International Raceway!

Now that Terry has completed all the work, its time to have some fun and turn some hot laps!
Track record in this configuration (1985-approx 1995) was a blistering 4.60 seconds! Not bad for no magnetic downforce! This track was CRAZY FAST from the day it was born!
Terry had weekly local races on the CIR until sometime around 1995. After 10 years and 100's of thousands of laps and good times, the CIR was starting to show its age. Terry considered a total rebuild of CIR with steel rail in place of the copper tape, but he knew it would be a major undertaking.
Terry instead decided to build a completely new track, using then "State of the art" smoked "Lexan" instead of hardened masonite used for CIR.
CIR was decomissioned, and spent the next 10 or so years as a bystander, while the new Lexan track hosted the weekly races. Terry says that he kept CIR unused for these 10 years as to sell it would be like "selling my right arm".
In 2005, due to space needs in the family basement, Terry made the tough decision to put CIR up for auction on E Bay. More to this story will follow on the 2005: A new beginning page.

As of 2010, Terry still owns and races on the Lexan track that he build to take the place of CIR.