2005: CIR Up for Sale

In June of 2005, Terry made the tough decision to put his right arm, CIR up for sale.
Terry placed the track up for auction on E Bay. As luck would have it, Len was surfing E Bay looking for some collectable HO cars from his childhood, when lookie there, a 21' 6 lane HO MONSTER of a track. This was not any track, but to Len this was an HO replica of the beloved Elmsford Raceway "Nuvolari" track that Len raced on from the age of 5, to around 20.
Len showed his wife Sandy the auction, and told her that he had to have the track. She agreed, and without asking how much, told him to do whatever it took to win the track.

Here are some of the photos of CIR that Terry placed for the E Bay ad. These photos are of the track in its condition as of June, 2005:
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2005: CIR has found a new home!

Len won the E Bay auction, despite some stiff competition and bids coming in like crazy at the end. It was meant to be.
Len contacted Terry and had a great conversation. Len made arrangements with Terry to make the drive up to Cleveland, OH to pick up CIR and bring it to its new home, then Pesotum, IL.
Terry helped Len load CIR carefully in 3 pieces into the rented U Haul enclosed trailer. Extra padding and tie downs were used to make sure there would be no load shifts in the 8 hour drive.

Len arrived with CIR in great condition from the long trip, no damage. With Len having a prior comitment to compete at the 2005 RC Helicopter World Championships in Spain for Team USA in August, the rebuilding of CIR would need to wait until after this event. A "T" style rack on wheels was constructed to hold the 2 8x5 main track sections securely as the track sat in the garage awaiting the rebuild.

See the 2005 Rebuild page for the next chapter.